Random Anecdotes of Insomnia: Vol. #2 – “Casualty of Witt”

Come, gather round and listen to the holiday tale of the east german rose that grew during a coldwar and would one day stop traffic in a small Michigan town. Long before Spiranac, Sharpova or Alex Morgan, the undisputed reigning world champion of smokeshows when discussing female athletes was Katarina Witt. Even now at 57 … Continue reading Random Anecdotes of Insomnia: Vol. #2 – “Casualty of Witt”

A Life Like Bourdain

Lately the world has become quite bleak. The daily barrage of ugly includes war, political corruption, blatant ignorance on every perceivable level and frequent, well-earned natural disasters. I watch old episodes of No Reservations to remind myself that beauty still exists and what is offered on this planet, as expertly navigated and explained through the … Continue reading A Life Like Bourdain

The Discovery of Del Water Gap

Greatness is often discovered on the side stages of music festivals, typically witnessed by only a few thousand people during the early sets leading up to the headliners. Most in the crowd are previously hungover, traveling to the bathrooms/concessions as they now join the diverted migration of people congregating in mass around the unmistakable sound … Continue reading The Discovery of Del Water Gap

Help Us Jon Stewart, You’re Our Only Hope

When Jon Stewart stopped reading the “fake” news seven years ago, the country notably regressed in every possible fashion. Typically, the envious punchline of geo-political opinion the United States has now become the joke itself. The 2016 election of a dishonest, egotistical child for president immediately following his exit was not a coincidence at all. … Continue reading Help Us Jon Stewart, You’re Our Only Hope

Some Roses Never Die

The local record store of the small town I grew up in is where I purchased one of the first albums with the coveted parental advisory sticker, sold to an eleven year old by a proprietor who was clearly an advocate of free speech, artistic expression and was most likely on the edge of bankruptcy. … Continue reading Some Roses Never Die

Wasting Light

Somewhere in South America this past weekend, everyone who loves music lost a dear friend. The blonde Tasmanian devil from Laguna Beach that tore through life and ultimately joined his idols, passed way too soon, leaving us all with lifelong questions and scars. The massive outpouring from musicians and artists worldwide upon learning of his … Continue reading Wasting Light

Fool’s Gems

“Soon I hope to take you on a Caribbean cruise, where we can hold hands on a soft summers evening and watch that old Jamaican moon. Why that old Jamaican will be mooning us, I have no idea.”- -John Turturro, Brain Donors These were the movies that had my brothers and I clicking rewind constantly, … Continue reading Fool’s Gems

Real Genius

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I didn’t want you guys to think I was stuffy. You know, no fun. All brain no penis.” -Val Kilmer, Real Genius. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away from when Sheldon Cooper and Co would roam the Cal Tech campus existed a character admired and imitated … Continue reading Real Genius

October Sky

The MLB Post-Season produces performances that are truly, rare air. Baseball may be a team sport, but it is the only one where an individual can become a modern-day gladiator/rock-star/demi-god in a moment. When the crowd literally will not sit down until you come back out of the dugout to tip your cap to their … Continue reading October Sky