The Discovery of Del Water Gap

Greatness is often discovered on the side stages of music festivals, typically witnessed by only a few thousand people during the early sets leading up to the headliners. Most in the crowd are previously hungover, traveling to the bathrooms/concessions as they now join the diverted migration of people congregating in mass around the unmistakable sound … Continue reading The Discovery of Del Water Gap

Some Roses Never Die

The local record store of the small town I grew up in is where I purchased one of the first albums with the coveted parental advisory sticker, sold to an eleven year old by a proprietor who was clearly an advocate of free speech, artistic expression and was most likely on the edge of bankruptcy. … Continue reading Some Roses Never Die

Wasting Light

Somewhere in South America this past weekend, everyone who loves music lost a dear friend. The blonde Tasmanian devil from Laguna Beach that tore through life and ultimately joined his idols, passed way too soon, leaving us all with lifelong questions and scars. The massive outpouring from musicians and artists worldwide upon learning of his … Continue reading Wasting Light

Times Like These

I—I’m a one-way motorway. I’m the one that drives away. Then follows you back home.  I—I’m a street light shining. I’m a wild light blinding bright. Burning off alone. I—I’m a new day rising. I’m a brand new sky. To hang the stars upon tonight. But I—I’m a little divided. Do I stay or run … Continue reading Times Like These